Performance Analytics to Optimize Your Strategic Results

Ensure your strategic initiatives stay on-track  

Why Syte Logix?

Syte Logix effortlessly measures how team performance drives strategic results, and gives actionable insights to management.

Our Strategy Impact Scoring gives every executive and business leader complete visibility into how employee performance supports strategy, where performance goes off-line, and how to proactively correct issues, ensuring strategies remain on-track and improved business results.

Here's How We Help

Today’s performance management processes only look at where you have been, which doesn’t help you determine how to achieve a future strategic goal. 


Syte Logix delivers the first Organizational Strategy Guidance system that replaces traditional performance management by enabling you to guide employee and team performance in real-time to more effectively achieve any strategic objective.  We help you understand where you are at today, and how to optimize any future result. 


Strategic Impact Scoring tells you how your teams perform against your strategies.


Discover the biggest opportunities to improve strategic results.


Understand what actions are needed to proactively correct performance issues


Custom Metrics

Align Employee Performance Directly to Strategic Goals

  • Measure the right metrics, at the right time, for every employee  

  • Know which KPIs are most relevant in delivering results

  • Automatically create and assign new KPIs as strategies change

Performance Scoring

Gain Immediate Visibility into the Execution of Strategy

  • Leverage simple dashboards that show real-time performance

  • Understand at a glance patterns and trends for any team

  • Learn why strategies under-perform and how to fix issues

Objective Data

Seamlessly Integrate with All Source of Performance Data

  • Integrate all cross-department data, including 3rd party data  

  • Remove the bias in evaluations by objectively analyzing data

  • Discover unseen patterns across multiple data sources


Predictive Analysis

Know Where Performance Has The Greatest Impact on Strategy

  • Identify where performance issues could de-rail a strategy 

  • Predict what metrics will deliver the strongest business results

  • See how to improve results by proactive mitigation of issues

Intelligent Alerts

Proactively Identify Metrics and Goals That Are At-Risk

  • Automatically generate real-time performance alerts

  • Monitor trends and patterns across teams and employees

  • Monitor the effectiveness of your corrective actions

Simple Dashboards

Get a Clear Picture of Performance, in Real-Time, Anytime

  • Use interactive desktop and mobile performance dashboards

  • Intuitively visualize performance trends and recommendations

  • Custom, role-based dashboards for executives, manager, and employees


Proactive Coaching

Action Plans Show Teams Needed Steps to Improve Performance

  • Personalized plans to correct and improve performance issues 

  • Analytics continually monitor the plan's effectiveness

  • Included KPIs guide which actions will have the most impact

System Intelligence

Power Your Performance With The Latest Intelligence Technology

  • Machine learning continuously improves coaching accuracy

  • A/I learns patterns to define the most effective action plan

  • Predict with confidence how an action plan will improve results

How It Works:

Comprehensive Data Aggregation

Performance data exists everywhere within your organization, so we collect and blend data from multiple sources to deliver the most effective results.  


Data can be structured or unstructured, be both quantitative and qualitative, and include employee engagement and work environment surveys, leadership 360 assessments, partner and customer reviews, feedback surveys and forms, customer journey data, operational indicators, and even workflow data such as Office 360, Slack and Jira data.

Data Visualization

Deep Learning and Causal Inference

Predictive Analytics

Statistical Modeling

Dynamic visualization techniques are used to easily understand what is going on within and across the connected data, how the data translates into current performance scores, and how the relationships exist to easily support the analysis. 

Deep Learning and Causal Inference approaches are applied to the data with no prescribed or premeditated outcomes, allowing the solution to discover previously unknown relationships, trends and insights into performance data and results. 


This allows users to understand in ways never before possible what actions and behaviors best drive strategic performance results, and most importantly "why".

Predictive analytics are used throughout the Performance Coaching process to understand the tasks that are needed to more effectively mitigate performance issues and improve overall performance levels.  Leading machine learning techniques are also applied, allowing the system to learn what activities and mitigation actions deliver the best improvement results on any performance issue. 

In-depth statistical models are applied to show patterns and combinations of data variables that correspond to under-performance. This provides users with proactive alerts to help them get ahead of the problem.


Why Customers Love Syte Logix

Why Customers Love Syte Logix

For Executives and Business Leaders


With a single click, you can know exactly where you're at on your strategic path, and how to avoid the performance issues that could limit your success.   

"Syte Logix gives my employees the ability to drive their own performance results." 

SVP, HR, Manufacturing company

For Employees


Aligning employee performance directly to the strategic success of the company is critical for increased employee engagement and better results.  Employees now have the power to objectively manage their own performance and proactively fix issues.

Evaluate Objective

Performance Data


rather than relying on subjective opinions

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